Domestic Cleaning

Maid My Day Clean

Regular Domestic Cleaning – Weekly or Fortnightly



o Wipe outside of refrigerator

o Wipe down all small appliances – toaster, blender, coffee maker, etc.

o Wipe the cabinet fronts and knobs

o Clean all countertops and surfaces

o Wipe the stove top surface

o Wipe the outside oven door and handle

o Clean the inside and outside of the microwave oven

o Empty the trash, Rinse, wipe out and disinfect the inside of the trash container. Replace liner.

o Wash dishes in sink (Within reason)

o Wipe front of dishwasher

o Wipe light switches

o Vacuum and mop floor



o Clean toilet including all interior and exterior surfaces, base, and floor/wall area.

o Clean all mirrors

o Clean sinks and sink fixtures

o Clean tub/shower

o Remove obvious cobwebs

o Mop/vacuum the floor

o Spot clean doors and cabinet doors

o Wipe light switches

o Empty wastebasket and replace liner

o Tidy up the room and carry dirty laundry to laundry room



o Vacuum

o Dust TV and audio equipment

o Straighten magazines, books, other items on end tables and coffee tables

o (optional) Spray air freshener

o Tidy room and put stray items away



o Wipe light switches

o Vacuum floor and/or rugs

o Empty wastebasket and replace liner

o Tidy up the room, straighten beds, carry dirty laundry to laundry room

o Remove obvious cobwebs


Eco friendly products provided


At Maid2Clean we use our experience to cover the extra small things that add that special touch.


Travel fee may apply


Surcharges may apply for extra-large homes


Please be advised if your home has not been professionally cleaned in the last 3 months we advise to book a Spring Clean. A Maid My Day clean is a maintenance service, to avoid being charged extra please advise us beforehand the condition of your home.


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Pricing starting from

1-2bdrm              $75+gst

3bdrm                   $95+gst

4bdrm                  $110+gst

5bdrm                  $130+gst