Maid2Clean Terms and Conditions of Service


  • Masterton $6.50
  • Carterton $15.00
  • Clareville $12.50
  • Greytown $17.50
  • Martinborough $20.00
  • Featherston $22.00
  • Pahiatua $25.00
  • Long bush, Admiral Hill, Te Whare, Gladstone $17.50
  • Opaki/Chester Road $10.00
  • Riversdale, Glenburn, Pirinoa all costal areas will be $55 and also be at our discretion if travel works out longer

Time worked and Travel fees on a public holiday will be at time and a half as we are required to pay our staff time and a half as per the holiday’s act.



  • Payment is expected on the day of the service, an invoice will either come out on the day or a day before. Please ensure all money is paid into our nominated bank account on your invoice. 
  • Should payment be late a 5% late fee will be added, this will cover our accountant having to chase up this invoice. If payment is not received after 7 days then Maid2Clean will add a further 7% onto this invoice, again this will cover our accountant needing to send a reminder and chase this over due invoice.  Should we receive no payment after 10 days then Maid2Clean reserves the right to forward all details onto our debt recovery agency of our choice and any further associated debt collection costs will be the responsibility of the client.



  • All regular cleaning clients need to give Maid2Clean 2 working weeks in writing to that they wish to terminate services. 
  • Weekly, fortnightly, thrice and monthly cleans, a 3 day cancelation notice is required. If you cancel between 72 hrs and 24 then a 50% charge, less travel will be invoiced
  • Cleans where a cancelation is made on the day a full 100% charge will be invoiced, less travel fee.
  • For all exit, one off cleans, spring cleans, function cleans we require 5 days notice, if you cancel between 5 days and 24 hours then a 50% fee, less travel will be invoiced.
  • Exit, one off cleans, spring cleans, function cleans where a cancelation is made on the day a full 100% charge will be invoiced, less travel fee.


  • For all complaints we ask that the complaint is made within 24 hours of your service.
  • We ask that photos are taken and sent directly to our email address of
  • WE WILL NOT ACCEPT COMPLAINTS MADE AFTER 2 DAYS, as the home will have been lived in, dust will have resettled, flies will have died, landed as well as bugs and fluff etc.  Bathrooms will have been used, as well as communal living areas.


A monthly email will come out to you all in regards to public holidays for the month, specials that are available to everybody and not just our new clients.  This way we know that should you require those extras in your home then all our bases are covered and all our clients are happy.